Last term our topic was the Romans!! We had so much fun learning about the Romans and all the interesting things they did. In art we looked at mosaics and how they were made.


Year 3 researched the importance of mosaics and presented their work to the year 2 children. Our class project was to design and make our own mosaic to show what we are like as a class. We made a sun because we are happy, bright and ready to learn.



After learning so much about the Romans including who they were, where they conquered and who their enemies were, we went to visit a museum filled with real Roman artefacts and experience what life was like in Roman times.

Ioan viewing artefactsPhil investigating

Our class went to Chester for the day to learn even more! We had so much fun trying on different Roman clothes. Certain individuals were thrown into a Roman jail and we even saw real Roman artefacts. We are so lucky to live near the city of Chester.

Josh the roman slavePoppy and Alicia in Prison

Mitchell the gladiator

After the museum we got given our shields and marched through Chester with a Roman Solider. We went to visit a real Roman amphitheatre, where he told us all about how the Gladiators would fight and the weapons they used. He even showed us how the Roman army defended themselves using the tortoise formation with their shields.

GladiatorsFighting 2Tortoise


Later on we had to march back to the museum shouting sin, sin, sin, dex sin!

Sin sin sin dex sin

We had lots of fun and learnt so much from our trip that we couldn’t wait to get back to school and design our very own Roman shields and have another go at making our own class “tortoise”.

painting sheilds 1Painting 2

Painting 3

Painting 4

At the end of our Roman topic after learning more about Gladiators, Caradog and Roman Gods, we had a toga party. We learnt how to make Italian food and how to put on our very own togas.

Toga party 2Toga party 1

Toga party 4Toga party 3

Toga party 5