How we spend our Pupil Deprivation Grant

The purpose of the Pupil Deprivation Grant is to improve the educational attainment of pupils from low income families and for those who are entitled to free school meals. Schools are expected to maximise the use of this funding by introducing sustainable strategies which will quickly lead to improved outcomes.

As a school we are constantly seeking out best practice by examining what we do and also by learning from the work of others. We do this by:

1. Planning interventions that focus on improving the attainment of pupils. We monitor pupils’ progress regularly and evaluate the impact of what we have done.

2. We integrate plans for the effective use of the grant into our School Development Plan. All our staff understand what we are doing and we work together towards intended outcomes that are clear.

3. We are careful to balance the spending of the grant and use it for both whole school strategies and also targeted interventions for groups and individuals.

In 2016-2017 we were allocated £5,750.

Our plan is monitored by our school advisor from GwE and also by the Local Authority.

We have used the funding available to:

* Pay for 1-1 and small group support

* Provide training for a new intervention called the Fischer Family Trust Wave 3 Literacy. This is being used with younger children

* Provide training and resources to deliver a new form of intervention called PiXL. This is being used by older children.

* Provide teachers with an electronic tracking system so we can measure the impact of what we do

* Pay for training in phonics teaching for teachers and classroom assistants and for resources to support this.

* Provide pupils and teachers with new resources to help develop writing skills.

At Ysgol yr Esgob, we have high expectations for the attainment and progress of all our pupils. Children made very good progress here and we are proud of our achievements.