Cymraeg yr Wythnos:


Beth wyt ti’n hoffi bwyta?

Dw i’n hoffi bwyta _________? 


Ble est ti?

Es i…  Bwytais i… Prynais i…  Gwelais i…

Criw Cymraeg is part of our Cymraeg Campus initiative in school.   We are aiming to get the Bronze award this year after being chosen as a pilot school in the last school year.   Our Pupils lead the initiative and promote the use of Welsh around the school. We make sure that all areas around the school have Cymraeg signs and displays. We have a Seren yr Wythnos that is chosen by our Ditectif Cymraeg. Every week, we have a new phrase of the week on our Criw Cymraeg board. The Criw Cymraeg have made Bingo Boards for our teachers. Also, we have downloaded new apps for pupils to use!  Cyffrous iawn!


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