Cathedral Visit

St. Asaph Cathedral

On the  28th of March, the whole school went to St. Asaph Cathedral.  When we got there we had a tour and talked about what is it here for and who built it and where the diocese of St. Asaph is .
Next we had a workshop on the bishop of St Asaph.   The bishop was called Gregory .

Next we had a workshop on st. Asaph and St. Kentigern. Sian was the princess and Jack was the prince! There were two monks who wanted to bulild a cathedral so they travelled to st. Asaph and built a cathedral it looked like this.

After they built it the prince said to the princess ”Here take this ring I want you to have it”. ”Okay”, she said “I promise not to lose it”. So that is what she did she didn’t lose the ring until one day she was at the river and she was cooling down and she put her hand in the river and when she put her had and lost the ring she was so upset. She went to Mungo (St Kentigern) the monk  to pray to God.


That night Asaph  the other monk when fishing for a fish to eat for dinner when Asaph cut it open he found a ring!

We learned a great deal from the visit and all classes attended.  We also looked at the stained glass in the east window.  It told lots of stories from the Bible, especially about Jesus.  It was very educational.  Our guides were very informative and taught us a great deal.

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DSC_0566   IMG_-7g06dr

Techniquest, Dosbarth Gelyn

Dosbarth Gelyn went on a Science trip to Techniquest, Wrexham.  Firstly, we went to a workshop it was called ‘MISSION TO MARS’ we talked about Mars and how you would land an egg on mars safely (the egg was supposed to be the Mars Rover).  We were split into groups I was with Harry F,  Sam and Jack our group wrapped our egg in a balloon with lots of cellotape around it

and blew up loads of balloons and attached them with more cellotape.  Ours would have survived if we did not put as much cellotape on!

After that we went to zone 3.  It was so fun after a few minutes of play time we went in the mirror maze, I bashed Into a mirror about 5 times after that we went in the dark room and then we went for lunch.

After lunch we went to zone 1 and after that fun thing we when up some stairs to the heart of the universeity and went in a big dome, called a planetarium. Inside the dome was loads of air ther were loads of projections on the roof of stars and the Universe.  We saw some constellations:


Techniquest, Dosbarth Gelyn
* Cancer
* Orion
* Big Dipper and the small dipper and some others.

After that we saw our Milkyway and how many stars were in it there, too many to count!

Then we got on the bus and we went home we got back at school at 3:10
We had a great time!!

By Roxy


Gardening Club

Gardening Club

Gardening club is  fun, it it is away to express your hobby and get out and about.  Gardening club is run by Mr Austin and Mrs Boulderstone on a Wednesday after school.  In Gardening Club you plant flowers and  as well as vegetables.  Also, we made some bug hotels and will be making  hedgehog houses and other animal houses. We also do pond dipping and catch newts and tadpoles as well as frogs.  We are at all times supervised by at lest two adults at a time we do more than one activity at once we re-cycle all of our left overs fruits and vegetables as well as all of the worms in the compost heap.

 Image result for bug hotel

Art Project – Coedwig

We took part in an art project with the artist, Eleri Jones. We used block printing, squeegee, silk screen, rollers and we made drawings with Indian ink. We drew leaves and printed designs that made over the four days.

There will be an exhibition,  starting on Friday 18th November at Theatr Clwyd. Dosbarth Gelyn will be attending to see all of the work put together by Eleri. More pics to follow.

By Ioan and Finley (Digital Leaders)




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