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April 2018

The whole school had a visit from the North Wales Fire Service. One of the fire fighters told us all about their job and what they do to help people. Some children dressed in the fire fighter gear. We were reminded that we need to check our smoke alarms at home. Make sure you check yours too!

Also, PC Debbie Barker came in to talk to us about different things. She talked about bullying to the year 4`s and 5`s . They all thought it was a good reminder for them. PC Debbie talked to the year 6`s about Anti-Social Behaviour. We have learned a lot in our school about how to behave online and in the real world. And even though we knew about this, it was still a very good reminder.

So Ysgol yr Esgob have had a very busy term, and we have all enjoyed it! Look out for more information and pictures on our new Facebook page too!

by Poppy and Dorothy

Playful Futures

Playful futures is a project about making our playtimes better with a play maker called Simon Bazley.  We have spent 5 weeks on this project.

Week one was when we were introduced to Simon, he told us about the rights to play. He had us stand up we all got in a circle and said and names but we said an animal or an object before our names.  I was Jellyfish Jemma and Poppy was Penguin Poppy.


Next Simon showed us a power point about children’s right to play, in the power point there was a link to a sheet of paper which had 42 statements about children’s rights. 31 was Simon’s favourite because it is about ‘We must have space to play!’

In week 2, we all were sat on our chairs Simon said ‘what we were going to be doing’ then we went outside and played an evolution where we were chickens and we played rock, paper scissors but you could only play against character as you when you won you would evolve into a princess then an angel then a god. After we played the evolution game we went back inside and we all filled in a big play survey we had to answer questions like, How old are you? Are you a boy or a girl? How often do you play outside? And How do you usually get to school?

We have had a play session where we chose and decided the kinds of recycled materials that we like to play with.  This was lots of fun.   We now have a shed full of recycled materials that we can play with every lunch time.  We have to remember to tidy up quickly though!

We found out lots in the project and we discovered that we all like to play differently.  Simon has encouraged us to play in an imaginative way with lots of recycled materials.

 As a class, we take control of the Play sessions and our teachers, governors and midday supervisors have all had meetings with Simon too and he has explained the whole project to them.

If you have any old dresses, clothes, wigs, tyres, old keyboards, bits and bobs that you don’t need, please pass them onto school so we can use them for our Playful Futures!  It is very exciting!

By Jemma and Poppy (Dosbarth Gelyn)

History of Caerwys with Dr Erasmus

On Tuesday, 16th May Dr Tim Erasmus came in to talk to the class about the history of  Caerwys.  We wrote some questions that we wanted to ask him and we answered lots of the questions using his local knowledge.  



He told us facts from far back and how Caerwys has change over the years. He told about the church and when it was built and he told us about how the schools were different in those days. He told us about the soldiers that came through Caerwys and when they were off to war.  He mentioned how the institute and the bowling green were made as a memorial to the men that died in the war. He told us about that there were far more shops and pubs than there are now. 


 He helped us a  great deal and we all leaned a lot from Dr Tim Erasmus.  

by James King, Dosbarth Gelyn


Historical Healers

Historical Healers was a lot of fun and I’m sure I could speak on behalf of the whole class because I’m sure would can agree it was pretty awesome!

In the first week, we got to know the people who ran Historical Healers who are Sabine, Gemma and Caroline but Caroline was only there for the first time we saw them. In the first week we made nettle tea, our wood cookies and made ink.

In the second week it was the first time going to the woods and when we got there after a really long walk we sat on the benches next to the fire. We were given strict rules on how to behave around fire and what precautions we should take.

Then Gemma explained the next few weeks that we were there then we split into groups then my group when out to find wild garlic so the cookers can cook the garlic pasta witch I absolutely loved! Also, we played lots of games like, ‘Here come the Romans!’ which is technically like hide and seek but with a different name.

Historical Healers

Over the weeks, we made lotions and potions from different plants and we learnt what was safe to eat and drink in the woods. If you are unsure, then don’t eat it!

Also, at the end the end we all enjoyed our presentation to parents about all the things we did over the time we spent with Historical Healers! The parents tried our different recipes and also watched a performance we had created that day.

By James King, Dosbarth Gelyn

Cathedral Visit

St. Asaph Cathedral

On the  28th of March, the whole school went to St. Asaph Cathedral.  When we got there we had a tour and talked about what is it here for and who built it and where the diocese of St. Asaph is .
Next we had a workshop on the bishop of St Asaph.   The bishop was called Gregory .

Next we had a workshop on st. Asaph and St. Kentigern. Sian was the princess and Jack was the prince! There were two monks who wanted to bulild a cathedral so they travelled to st. Asaph and built a cathedral it looked like this.

After they built it the prince said to the princess ”Here take this ring I want you to have it”. ”Okay”, she said “I promise not to lose it”. So that is what she did she didn’t lose the ring until one day she was at the river and she was cooling down and she put her hand in the river and when she put her had and lost the ring she was so upset. She went to Mungo (St Kentigern) the monk  to pray to God.


That night Asaph  the other monk when fishing for a fish to eat for dinner when Asaph cut it open he found a ring!

We learned a great deal from the visit and all classes attended.  We also looked at the stained glass in the east window.  It told lots of stories from the Bible, especially about Jesus.  It was very educational.  Our guides were very informative and taught us a great deal.

DSC_0766 IMG_7r6ms9 DSC_0757



DSC_0566   IMG_-7g06dr

Techniquest, Dosbarth Gelyn

Dosbarth Gelyn went on a Science trip to Techniquest, Wrexham.  Firstly, we went to a workshop it was called ‘MISSION TO MARS’ we talked about Mars and how you would land an egg on mars safely (the egg was supposed to be the Mars Rover).  We were split into groups I was with Harry F,  Sam and Jack our group wrapped our egg in a balloon with lots of cellotape around it

and blew up loads of balloons and attached them with more cellotape.  Ours would have survived if we did not put as much cellotape on!

After that we went to zone 3.  It was so fun after a few minutes of play time we went in the mirror maze, I bashed Into a mirror about 5 times after that we went in the dark room and then we went for lunch.

After lunch we went to zone 1 and after that fun thing we when up some stairs to the heart of the universeity and went in a big dome, called a planetarium. Inside the dome was loads of air ther were loads of projections on the roof of stars and the Universe.  We saw some constellations:


Techniquest, Dosbarth Gelyn
* Cancer
* Orion
* Big Dipper and the small dipper and some others.

After that we saw our Milkyway and how many stars were in it there, too many to count!

Then we got on the bus and we went home we got back at school at 3:10
We had a great time!!

By Roxy


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