Please log into Hwb by clicking the image. If you need your log in details, please contact the school on 01352 720287 or email yemail@hwbcymru.net

Within Hwb, you should be able to access all of the online learning tools available to pupils in Wales. These include:

Google Classroom, Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook email, J2E resources, including J2Blast (Times Tables) and J2Spell and other tools for writing, data handling and JIT for Foundation Phase learners. Pupils also have access to Encyclopedia Britannica.

Many answers to any log in issues can be found here: https://hwb.gov.wales/support-centre/hwb-services/

Users can find details of how to log in to Google Classroom here:


If you have trouble logging in to Google Classroom, then watch the video for a couple of tips.