Playful futures is a project about making our playtimes better with a play maker called Simon Bazley.  We have spent 5 weeks on this project.

Week one was when we were introduced to Simon, he told us about the rights to play. He had us stand up we all got in a circle and said and names but we said an animal or an object before our names.  I was Jellyfish Jemma and Poppy was Penguin Poppy.


Next Simon showed us a power point about children’s right to play, in the power point there was a link to a sheet of paper which had 42 statements about children’s rights. 31 was Simon’s favourite because it is about ‘We must have space to play!’

In week 2, we all were sat on our chairs Simon said ‘what we were going to be doing’ then we went outside and played an evolution where we were chickens and we played rock, paper scissors but you could only play against character as you when you won you would evolve into a princess then an angel then a god. After we played the evolution game we went back inside and we all filled in a big play survey we had to answer questions like, How old are you? Are you a boy or a girl? How often do you play outside? And How do you usually get to school?

We have had a play session where we chose and decided the kinds of recycled materials that we like to play with.  This was lots of fun.   We now have a shed full of recycled materials that we can play with every lunch time.  We have to remember to tidy up quickly though!

We found out lots in the project and we discovered that we all like to play differently.  Simon has encouraged us to play in an imaginative way with lots of recycled materials.

 As a class, we take control of the Play sessions and our teachers, governors and midday supervisors have all had meetings with Simon too and he has explained the whole project to them.

If you have any old dresses, clothes, wigs, tyres, old keyboards, bits and bobs that you don’t need, please pass them onto school so we can use them for our Playful Futures!  It is very exciting!

By Jemma and Poppy (Dosbarth Gelyn)