Month: May 2017

History of Caerwys with Dr Erasmus

On Tuesday, 16th May Dr Tim Erasmus came in to talk to the class about the history of  Caerwys.  We wrote some questions that we wanted to ask him and we answered lots of the questions using his local knowledge.  



He told us facts from far back and how Caerwys has change over the years. He told about the church and when it was built and he told us about how the schools were different in those days. He told us about the soldiers that came through Caerwys and when they were off to war.  He mentioned how the institute and the bowling green were made as a memorial to the men that died in the war. He told us about that there were far more shops and pubs than there are now. 


 He helped us a  great deal and we all leaned a lot from Dr Tim Erasmus.  

by James King, Dosbarth Gelyn


Historical Healers

Historical Healers was a lot of fun and I’m sure I could speak on behalf of the whole class because I’m sure would can agree it was pretty awesome!

In the first week, we got to know the people who ran Historical Healers who are Sabine, Gemma and Caroline but Caroline was only there for the first time we saw them. In the first week we made nettle tea, our wood cookies and made ink.

In the second week it was the first time going to the woods and when we got there after a really long walk we sat on the benches next to the fire. We were given strict rules on how to behave around fire and what precautions we should take.

Then Gemma explained the next few weeks that we were there then we split into groups then my group when out to find wild garlic so the cookers can cook the garlic pasta witch I absolutely loved! Also, we played lots of games like, ‘Here come the Romans!’ which is technically like hide and seek but with a different name.

Historical Healers

Over the weeks, we made lotions and potions from different plants and we learnt what was safe to eat and drink in the woods. If you are unsure, then don’t eat it!

Also, at the end the end we all enjoyed our presentation to parents about all the things we did over the time we spent with Historical Healers! The parents tried our different recipes and also watched a performance we had created that day.

By James King, Dosbarth Gelyn

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