St. Asaph Cathedral

On the  28th of March, the whole school went to St. Asaph Cathedral.  When we got there we had a tour and talked about what is it here for and who built it and where the diocese of St. Asaph is .
Next we had a workshop on the bishop of St Asaph.   The bishop was called Gregory .

Next we had a workshop on st. Asaph and St. Kentigern. Sian was the princess and Jack was the prince! There were two monks who wanted to bulild a cathedral so they travelled to st. Asaph and built a cathedral it looked like this.

After they built it the prince said to the princess ”Here take this ring I want you to have it”. ”Okay”, she said “I promise not to lose it”. So that is what she did she didn’t lose the ring until one day she was at the river and she was cooling down and she put her hand in the river and when she put her had and lost the ring she was so upset. She went to Mungo (St Kentigern) the monk  to pray to God.


That night Asaph  the other monk when fishing for a fish to eat for dinner when Asaph cut it open he found a ring!

We learned a great deal from the visit and all classes attended.  We also looked at the stained glass in the east window.  It told lots of stories from the Bible, especially about Jesus.  It was very educational.  Our guides were very informative and taught us a great deal.

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