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Techniquest, Dosbarth Gelyn

Dosbarth Gelyn went on a Science trip to Techniquest, Wrexham.  Firstly, we went to a workshop it was called ‘MISSION TO MARS’ we talked about Mars and how you would land an egg on mars safely (the egg was supposed to be the Mars Rover).  We were split into groups I was with Harry F,  Sam and Jack our group wrapped our egg in a balloon with lots of cellotape around it

and blew up loads of balloons and attached them with more cellotape.  Ours would have survived if we did not put as much cellotape on!

After that we went to zone 3.  It was so fun after a few minutes of play time we went in the mirror maze, I bashed Into a mirror about 5 times after that we went in the dark room and then we went for lunch.

After lunch we went to zone 1 and after that fun thing we when up some stairs to the heart of the universeity and went in a big dome, called a planetarium. Inside the dome was loads of air ther were loads of projections on the roof of stars and the Universe.  We saw some constellations:


Techniquest, Dosbarth Gelyn
* Cancer
* Orion
* Big Dipper and the small dipper and some others.

After that we saw our Milkyway and how many stars were in it there, too many to count!

Then we got on the bus and we went home we got back at school at 3:10
We had a great time!!

By Roxy